My First Bitcoin Purchase

While writing about earning Bitcoin is all well and good– or at least I hope it is, since it’s what I’m trying to do here– I think I should also share a little about spending it.

People get into Bitcoin for a lot of reasons. A lot of people play it like the stock market, buying in with fiat currency when the price per BTC is low and selling again when it’s high. Other people accumulate Bitcoin and sit on it, based on projections (and hopes and dreams) that it will increase in value dramatically over the next five to ten years.

My intention from the beginning was to use Bitcoin as currency, and I set myself the challenge of not intermingling it with fiat currency at all. In other words, if I earn it in Bitcoin, I’ll spend it in Bitcoin. So I was delighted when I went to check out the newest Humble Bundle today and discovered that they now take payment in BTC. It immediately solved my dilemma of which of the two sets currently offered I wanted to buy, as my tiny bank account wasn’t going to cover both.

I bought both the current Humble Bundle and the Humble Weekly Special in Bitcoin, and I am delighted with my purchases. Spending Bitcoin for the first time was an exciting experience. I feel for the first time like I’m really part of the community, spending Bitcoin I earned on a thing I wanted.

Fear my remaining 1.5 BTC of purchasing power!

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My First Job

I have my first job for Bitcoin! I was contacted through the BitcoinTalk forums about writing the English parts of! I’ll be writing the blurbs for the individual games as well as the info and FAQ sections, and editing the parts that are already posted.

I’m very, very excited to have gotten this kind of job only a month into my Bitcoin ventures. You can try out the games for free, so please go to the website and give my first employer some traffic and some love!

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Selling My Photography Online

I have signed up with to sell my photography online. I’ve just started out at getting photos up, so time will tell whether anyone thinks they are worthy of wall art or a coffee table book.

As of yet, I don’t know of a site where I can sell photography for Bitcoins, but if you would like a high-resolution digital copy only of one of the photos in my collection, it’s yours for 0.04 BTC. And if you know of a Bitcoin-based photography site, please let me know in the comments.

My gallery link is here.

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Added Information

A little over a week in without securing any work. I did have a line on writing a poem for commission through the BitcoinTalk forums, but it seems as if it fell through.

I created a new page today, to give people a better idea of what I can do and what resources I have access to.

In the meantime, I’m trying to focus on other projects. I’m working on a novel and experimenting with some new recipes for my family, plus doing a lot of video gaming in my downtime. My total Bitwealth was $1.07 in USD yesterday. Not too bad, I guess, for roughly two weeks into the Bitcoin culture.

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No Interest Yet

Four days in and no one has taken advantage of my offer, though I did have one friend contact me and inquire as to how to buy Bitcoin so as to support me in my efforts.

In the meantime, I set up a miner. It seems to fluctuate between 3.6 and 3.7 Megahashes per second, and when I last checked with my pool, it had generated 9/10 of a cent for me in over a day. In truth, I am less than thrilled at the prospect of the miner generating the equivalent of $3 a year, but I guess it is technically preferable to my computer doing absolutely nothing to earn its keep.

Reddit has inspired another service I could offer. It seems that there are actually snack foods that people in other parts of the world like or would like to try. While I can’t imagine anyone actually wanting to try Kool-Aid or that gross combination of peanut butter and jelly in the same jar, foreigners sometimes have weird tastes. There are also regional favorites like Ale-8-One that I could send to people here in the States who don’t have it locally. So thank you, /r/snackexchange for the inspiration. When I get around to making that long list of things I can do, I’ll make sure to put ‘purveyor of disgusting American food products’ among my skillset.

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Will Work for Bitcoin

Kashmir Hill of just finished a fascinating experiment in which she tried to live on Bitcoin for a week. As it came on the tail of a friend talking to me about Bitcoin mining, I decided to look into Bitcoin and the fascinating and volatile world of cryptocurrency.

It was with all that in mind that I decided to start this blog, and the premise is very simple. I will take payments in Bitcoin to do various things, like some sort of eldritch horror amalgam of a personal assistant and a trained seal. I won’t do anything illegal (unless it happens to be both a minor offense and particularly hilarious) or X-rated.

Here’ s how it works. You e-mail me what you want me to do and how much you’ll pay (in Bitcoin/BTC only!). I e-mail you back with whether or not I am willing to do it. If I accept, I do it, you pay, and I post about it here on the blog.

There are some things I’m actually qualified to do. I’m a freelance writer and graphic designer for print media.  I also dabble in photography, and I’m good at Internet research on both personal and scholarly levels.  My hobbies include divination (with tarot and I-Ching) and cooking. In addition, I was formerly a copyeditor and proofreader, and I will fix the crap out of your paper.

The possibilities are really limited only by creativity. Here are a few ideas to get your thoughts moving:

1) Have me mail cookies and a handmade card to you so that your roommate thinks you have a girlfriend.

2) Get that bizarrely specific photograph of feet with chess pieces on the toes situated beside an empty can of Diet Coke you’ve always wanted.

3) Let me teach you how to read tarot so that you have a trick to bust out at lousy parties.

4) Satisfy your weird fantasies by asking me to write you a custom Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Once Upon a Time crossover BDSM mpreg fanfic.

5) Pay me a nominal amount to like your mediocre band’s Facebook page.

6) Demand that I call you and recite the Gettysburg Address.

7) Have me record myself making cat noises for eight minutes and post it here on the blog.

The possibilities are endless!

Are you in? E-mail me requests at

Wallet ID: 1K47PKfXmjBDoN9XvAL83vTdTmYmeZKLn5

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