My First Bitcoin Purchase

While writing about earning Bitcoin is all well and good– or at least I hope it is, since it’s what I’m trying to do here– I think I should also share a little about spending it.

People get into Bitcoin for a lot of reasons. A lot of people play it like the stock market, buying in with fiat currency when the price per BTC is low and selling again when it’s high. Other people accumulate Bitcoin and sit on it, based on projections (and hopes and dreams) that it will increase in value dramatically over the next five to ten years.

My intention from the beginning was to use Bitcoin as currency, and I set myself the challenge of not intermingling it with fiat currency at all. In other words, if I earn it in Bitcoin, I’ll spend it in Bitcoin. So I was delighted when I went to check out the newest Humble Bundle today and discovered that they now take payment in BTC. It immediately solved my dilemma of which of the two sets currently offered I wanted to buy, as my tiny bank account wasn’t going to cover both.

I bought both the current Humble Bundle and the Humble Weekly Special in Bitcoin, and I am delighted with my purchases. Spending Bitcoin for the first time was an exciting experience. I feel for the first time like I’m really part of the community, spending Bitcoin I earned on a thing I wanted.

Fear my remaining 1.5 BTC of purchasing power!

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